Pre-Purchase Tile Roof Inspection & Report

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Don't let buying your dream home become a nightmare!

Trust your local roof tile specialist "Aapex Roof Repairs" to inspect your tile roof for complete piece of mind before buying.



Does your tiled roof look like this?

Tired, Old, Cracked and discolored


If your answer is YES then Aapex Roof Repairs can help YOU.

Aapex roof reapirs takes pride in strong customer service and high quality workmanship


Our team carrying Re -Bed in Bracken Ridge

Bedding is the cement which is laid to secure the ridge capping in place. Often over a period of time the cement will/can crack, and in some cases - completely fall out, leaving tiles and ridge capping unsecured. Re-bedding involves clearing out old cement, laying fresh cement down, relaying ridge capping.

Tiled roof before restoration

Plain roof before restoration

A roof restoration will make your home weather proof, improve the appearance of your home, and by choosing a heat reflective paint your house will be much cooler in those hot summer days. 


house enhanced by roof restoration in Bracken Ridge

Flexible pointing is applied after re-bedding. This then forms a strong bond between the roof tile and the ridge capping providing less opportunity for cracking to occur. If you have a leak through the ridge capping then flexible pointing will do wonders to stop the leak.

Tiled roof after full restoration

Painted roof, once completed

 A roof restoration by Aapex Roof Repairs, extends its life by many years, offering total protection to your family and your greatest asset. 

 A newly coated and restored roof wont just look fantastic. it can dramatically increase the value of your home.



Edmonds Whirlybird we install at aapex roof repair

Whirly birds help keep the heat and moisture out of the roof space. Moisture in your house can be destructive causing wood rot, mould and mildew. Ventilating your roof space will allow your house to breathe and expel moisture laden air.

Leaf Guard

A leaf guard system not only protects the gutter, but prevents leaves and pest entering the gutters, allowing water to flow freely, and not flowing back into the roof cavity if filled with leaves.